Digital transformation for SMEs

Accelerate workflows and reduce manual work by eliminating process and media disruptions

HighPots already offers connected systems

We offer some ready-made technical sub-solutions. For example, systems that have already been digitally transformed. CRM, email, chat/video conferencing, web tracking and content management systems as well as telephone systems can already be networked by HighPots. You can rent these systems in our cloud or run them on your own servers. Most of the systems are open source. Those that are not are developed and supported in Europe. See also HighPots Open Source Cloud

Interface Development

As a digital transformation service provider, HighPots developed more than 1000 interfaces last year. The development of technical interfaces plays a crucial role in digital transformation. Interface development enables the integration of different systems, platforms and data sources. Enabling interface development for digitalisation/transformation

Integration of systems

Different IT systems and applications are operated in isolation from each other. Interface development connects these systems and enables them to exchange data and information.

Data consolidation

Data stored in different systems, files and databases is consolidated and brought together in a central data room. This provides a holistic view of the data. HighPot's data analysts extract valuable information for your business. This significantly speeds up decision making

process automation

Interface development contributes to process automation. Technical interfaces enable and facilitate communication and interaction between different systems. And therefore between different departments and branches. The result is a reduction in manual processes and errors. This also increases the speed of processes.

interface with external partners, suppliers and platforms

Well-designed technical interfaces are scalable and flexible. This means that they can be easily extended and adapted to new requirements. In a rapidly changing digital environment where companies need to remain agile, this is the key to staying technically competitive.