Automate your sales - eCommerce and retail shop

Accelerate workflows and reduce manual work by eliminating process and media disruptions

The direct connection between your retail shop and your online shop is essential, no matter if you have one or thousands of shops. HighPots is not positioned in the middle between your physical store and your sales channels.

Reduce complexity - centralise online/offline sales

We offer solutions for centralising online and offline sales in retail and e-commerce, with seamless integration of sales channels and smooth transitions to back-office processes. From sales transactions to tax returns, we make sure everything works seamlessly.

Our direct connection between your online store and your in-store point-of-sale (PoS) enables you to:

Record all items

Track online and offline sales

Inventory and efficient stock management and control

Seamlessly integrate with accounting systems

Automate supplier orders before items run out

Comprehensive statistics and reporting

The current situation for many retailers

The current situation for many retailers is that sales take place both online on websites and social platforms and offline in shops.

The following situation is often the starting point for our projects:

Selling goods both online on the website and social platforms or Amazon and offline in the shop

In addition, offering courses that can be booked both offline in the shop and online on the website or social platforms (e.g. sewing courses, antenatal courses, first aid courses, etc.).

Incompatible systems that do not share enough data/information