Because dynamic changes caused by new software must be strategically well planned.

Softwarestrategie bevor Softwaredevelopment beginnt

Developing software-oriented strategies

The introduction and networking of software brings changes. Both direct and
and indirect, the effects of which develop dynamically and with varying
weighting. We offer you the necessary insights.

Depending on the areas of tension, questions arise when planning new software, adapting existing software, and connecting different applications to each other, or even to partner systems. Some relevant questions would be:

Strategic areas of tension

during the introduction of new software

In times of automation, which has a partially disruptive effect, the rules of rationalistic forms of organization within which companies dictate structures no longer apply. The boundaries between micro, meso and macro levels are becoming fluid. What the structure of an organization should look like is nowadays increasingly imposed from the outside.

The power of your organization must lie in its ability to adapt to this dynamic. This requires highly flexible software, interfaces, systems and processes. This applies not only to the introduction of company-wide ERP software, but also to software with which supposedly only one department is supposed to work.

The introductions of new software

brings changes

Every software introduction brings change – regardless of whether standard or individual software is introduced. HighPots looks at the introduction and the associated opportunities and risks with foresight.

Farsightedness does not only mean that we define the software functionalities in such a way that they meet future requirements through the stress fields. It also means that the possibilities to remove the software from operation are taken into account during the planning.

Networking & new interfaces

Cross-divisional or cross-organizational information transfer

Modern software is networked via interfaces with other technical systems or with people. But the roles are dynamic. People can be suppliers or customers.

The role behavior between organizations behaves in the same way. This brings with it high demands in terms of interface design. Connections to new customers, suppliers and partners must be established quickly, preferably in real time. And they must also be severed again. Increasingly, software decides independently which connections are established and when.

Data is exchanged between the systems. With regard to data protection, as well as data use and the new opportunities and business models resulting from this, software design must be defined as part of the implementation strategy.


New intelligent software changes the way we work

When new software is introduced, processes are usually also improved. These improved processes are mapped electronically by the software. Process improvements go hand in hand with efficiency gains. Formerly manual work steps are handled by the software. This generates a lot of data and thus new tasks for the employees. The evaluations and analyses of the data must be learned, but the software must support the creativity of the employees in order to extract the relevant information from the data. Only in this way can the department, or the particular area in which the software is used, take advantage of the opportunities. Opportunities in the form of discovering new business areas, increasing efficiency so that positions that may be eliminated do not have to be filled, and identifying opportunities for permanent improvement of the new software.

Stand out

In the future, your organization will have to do more to stand out more clearly from the competition and to discover new high-revenue business areas. But equally, to identify shrinking areas early on. It’s time to find creative solutions that work for both you and your target market; solutions that also bring digitalization into play.

HighPots supports with technical interconnections

We support you in identifying the consequences of new interfaces or the introduction of individual software. Where are the risks and how high are they? Where are the opportunities and what are the financial benefits? Which interfaces should be started with, how to prioritize?

Unsere Mission

Es ist unsere Mission, Ihnen dabei zu helfen die Chancen zu nutzen, die sich bieten. An welcher Stelle Ihre Anliegen bei der Einführung von Software auch liegen und in welchem Markt auch immer – wir wissen, an welchen Punkten wir ansetzen müssen, um ein profitables Wachstum beizubehalten.