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Take advantage of opportunities and minimize risks when developing web portals and websites. By opting for HighPots web portal development.

Website development in WordPress

HighPots is your partner for the development of simple websites or complex web portals. HighPots is the trusted web portal development partner for over 700 innovative companies, over 20 of which are among the most valuable companies in the world. For example, we have developed complex eCommerce web portals with numerous interfaces to suppliers, external content providers and payment providers. We developed, trained and integrated machine learning and AI components.

We decided to partner with HighPots because it allows us to introduce completely new elements that enable us to gain a competitive edge more quickly.

Achim Klenz


Ypsilon.NET AG

Focus on WordPress website development

WordPress is much more than just a content management system (CMS). WordPress is a powerful framework – the most widely used CMS in the world. It offers maximum flexibility in the implementation of sophisticated website designs, functions and interfaces. HighPots develops individual themes (layout templates), plugins and interfaces for the WordPress universe. We also develop profitable backend functionalities or web-based ReST interfaces for data transfer to external systems such as AI-based customer communication and complaint management systems as well as ERP and CRM systems. In the front end, our experts develop rewarding features for intelligent and high-performance dynamic and smart website visitor interactions for your website visitors. The content-dependent individual guidance of different website visitors to your preferred customer channels is part of our portfolio.

The well-being of your website visitors through variable design for a sustainable, positive user experience

Before developing a website for a new product or service, little information is available about the actual behavior of potential website visitors, although the target group is often already defined. Designing the user experience in combination with your corporate values is therefore a challenge that requires a great deal of experience. HighPots as your partner for the development of UX designs for websites, landing pages, micro pages or the complete UX design of web portals brings this experience from thousands of successful design projects and over 30 years of company history. Our UX design role supports your projects holistically with a combination of analytical, creative and communication skills. These ensure that your users will have a positive and effective experience with your services or products and your business will benefit from better metrics. UX design to extend the time your website visitors spend on your website, reduce any barriers to high conversion rates or website designs that ensure a high return rate for website visitors.

Our specific design services for you

User research

Conduct user research to understand the needs, goals, behaviors and preferences of the target audience. Analysis of market trends and competitive products.

Persona development

Creation of user personas to represent different target groups and tailor the design to their needs.

Information architecture

Structuring content and functions to create a clear and effective information architecture.

Wireframing and prototyping

Creation of wireframes (static representations) and prototypes (interactive models) to visualize the design and test the user experience.

User interface design (UI design)

Design of visual elements such as colors, fonts, icons and layouts to create an appealing user interface.

Usability tests

Conducting tests with real users to get feedback on the design and identify potential problems.

Interaction and animation

Integration of interaction design principles and animations to improve the user experience.

Collaboration with other teams

Collaborate with developers, product managers and other stakeholders to ensure the design aligns with technical requirements and business objectives

Accessibility and inclusion

Consideration of accessibility and inclusion to ensure the design is accessible to a wide range of users.

Continuous improvement

Analyze user data and feedback to continuously improve the design and meet changing requirements.

Knowledge of technologies and trends

Stay up to date on current technologies, design trends and best practices in the field of user experience.

Implementation of the UX design through efficient programming

The face to the customer or website visitor - frontend

High-performance dynamic websites that display content individually, depending on the visitor profile. We achieve performance by only loading changing content. We also develop websites with intelligent visitor interactions. On the one hand to meet the needs of website visitors, on the other hand to collect valuable information and transfer it to other systems, e.g. CRM systems. In this way, we enable retargeting measures or the further use of information on other omnichannel marketing channels. The barrier-free access to the conversion defined by the UX design is achieved with intelligent software development in the front end.

Our front-end software development services in WordPress are in particular

Development of new layout templates, themes and templates

Customization of existing templates or premium templates (WordPress templates, Elementor templates, etc.)

Increasing the intelligence of WordPress websites through clever JavaScript/TypeScript programming

Improved performance through intelligent CSS splits

Simplifying the maintenance of editorial content

Integration of AI elements for interaction with website visitors

Implementation of AI elements for content generation

Carrying out tests

Technical maintenance of the entire WordPress web portal

Ensuring cross-browser functionality

Ensuring all functionalities on mobile devices and AR devices and VR glasses

Collaboration with UX design, backend developers, server and network administrators

The invisible behind it - development of the WordPress backend

One of the reasons for the complexity of websites is that numerous services are integrated. Advertising banners from external companies, articles from suppliers that are automatically transferred to your store system and published, payment systems, communication with internal and external systems or marketing channels that are deeply integrated into your company’s system environment are just a few examples that increase the requirements.
With HighPots as your partner, you can face these complexities with confidence.

Our detailed portfolio in WordPress backend software development

Plugin development

  • Creation of customized WordPress plugins to add specific functions and features to the website.
  • Integration of third-party plugins and customization to meet the requirements of the project.

Database management and caching

  • Design and maintenance of the database structure for the WordPress website.
  • Execution of database queries (SQL) for storing, retrieving and updating information


  • Implementation of security measures to protect the website from potential threats and attacks
  • Regular updates of WordPress, plugins and themes to close security gaps

User and role administration

  • Management of user accounts and authorizations by customizing user roles
  • Implementation of login and registration processes

API integration

  • Integration of external APIs to integrate additional functions and data into the website
  • Development of own APIs to make data accessible for external applications

Performance optimization

  • Implementation of caching mechanisms to improve website performance
  • Identification and optimization of server-side processes to increase loading speed.

Backend logic

  • Implementation of caching mechanisms to improve website performance
  • Identification and optimization of server-side processes to increase loading speed.

Debugging and troubleshooting

  • Identification and correction of errors in the backend code.
  • Collaborate with front-end developers and QA teams to fix bugs and optimize the website.

Data migration

  • Carrying out data migrations for upgrades or changes to the website structure
  • Ensure that all data is transferred correctly and completely


  • Coordinate with other team members, including front-end developers, designers and other back-end developers to ensure seamless integration of all components

Physics - WordPress and web server

To ensure that your WordPress website runs efficiently and securely, HighPots provides support in the areas of speed increase, data security and reliability.
The HighPots High Performance and Secure Server Systems (HPSS) were developed together with HighPots Research and the Fraunhofer Institute. The standards of the German Federal Office for Information Security are not only met, but exceeded.

Performance and reliability

Our servers in a highly secure DIN ISO 27001-certified data center are flexibly scalable. Processors, RAM and hard disk space can be flexibly expanded or reduced. We offer redundant servers for your website so that if one server fails or is overloaded, another server takes over (fail-over and load balancing systems).
In addition to the server provision, HighPots operates its own open source cloud so that you can store important data there at any time.

Data security / cyber security

To ensure that your server is safe from access by (criminal) external parties, we only use hardened servers for your website. In addition, we operate the servers behind AI-based firewalls in a demilitarized zone (DMZ).
We generally carry out backups two to three times a day. We also regularly rehearse various worst-case scenarios as part of disaster recovery processes.

In eGoverment, verifiably audited data security must meet strict and high requirements. With HighPots, we have had a reliable partner at our side for more than 15 years who meets these requirements.

Andreas Meyer

Head of Data Security & Technical Quality Management

City of Stuttgart (approx. 600,000 inhabitants), Germany

Your website in your own data center or cloud

If you like to use your own IT infrastructure, we are also happy to work with your server administrators. We are also a certified implementation partner for the following cloud systems:


Data protection - EU GDPR, Swiss data protection, international data protection

Data protection is an important issue. As a technology partner with over 30 years of company history, HighPots has a wealth of experience from thousands of projects. After a long selection process, we have established partnerships with manufacturers of cookie banners. We provide pre-configured data protection declarations. We recommend consulting your lawyer or a law firm specializing in international data protection law, such as Spirit Legal.
The legal part of a website generally does not end with data protection provisions. You should also consider the legal notice, terms of use and terms and conditions. HighPots also works with law firms specializing in contract law in these areas.

AI elements in your WordPress website and associated systems

HighPots has many years of expertise in building expert systems based on neural networks. We develop AI elements in their entirety, from pre-training to supervised fine-tuning and reward modeling to reinforcement learning.
HighPots is also very experienced in adapting fully trained AI elements. For example, generative AIs based on GPT, Llama or open source models. We are also happy to train ready-made AI elements for you and teach the AI your individual company knowledge.
We implement AI elements on our clients’ websites for the following purposes in particular:

Maintenance and operation - server hardware and server software

Servers are critical technical elements. With HighPots 360° server monitoring, you are in safe hands. We detect server component failures at an early stage and replace the affected components. We regularly update and test the latest firmware. Our virtual environments, e.g. virtualized servers, containers, Kubernetes, are also regularly checked for security and performance criteria and improved. Of course, the WordPress application and its components such as databases, the PHP programming language and web servers are also checked.

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