Foundation of tutoring association


Expansion of the association to include innovation development

Fraunhofer Institute becomes sponsor


Establishment of an association subgroup for high intelligence and especially gifted people in the fields of computer science and microelectronics

Mercedes Benz becomes first customer


DASA becomes first aerospace customer

Deutsche Telekom Mobilfunk GmbH becomes first customer in mobile communications sector


Foundation of HighPots GbR

Olivetti becomes the first customer in the personal computer sector


Partnership of Sun Microsystems Inc.

Partnership with Microsoft


First participation in a world programming championship - 2nd place


HighPots wins innovation award for new waste separation process

Amadeus becomes first customer in distribution and mass data processing of travel data


Internal product development Klick-Rally® Gamification


Entry into quantum engineering

TUI becomes first customer in the tour operator sector


Best Western Hotels becomes first hospitality customer


Foundation of HighPots in Switzerland

Partner in the EU research network Horizon 2020
Volkswagen becomes first customer of HighPots Swiss


Development and expansion of the internal Partner Connect product

Deutsche Bahn becomes a partner


SAP becomes a partner


Amadeus becomes a partner

Who we are

Vision & progress

There are approximately 35000 IT companies in Germany, Austria and Switzerland combined. Of these, less than 800 companies have one or more products of their own. HighPots belongs to those companies that have successfully developed and operate their own products. So we are not only a service provider, but also a manufacturer. And also we are looking for good IT staff to balance load peaks.

Thus, we not only have experience in release management and maintenance of software products, but it is also easy for us to identify with the situations of our customers. HighPots operates with about 130 IT experts on the market. Our focus is on software development, requirements engineering (technical

requirements management) and data analysis. All 3 areas are required to successfully implement machine learning for our customers. See also the Data Analytics Case Study from our cooperation project with the University of Oxford.
- Christoph Carnier, Senior Director & Head of Procurement Merck Group

When connecting Merck Healtcare to SAP Concur, HighPots often went the extra mile to solve problems without it being part of the actual scope. HighPots thus made a significant contribution to the success of the project.

- Christoph Carnier, Senior Director & Head of Procurement Merck Group

- Uta Martens, Managing Director Amadeus Germany

We work closely with HighPots to implement ideas and innovations very quickly using new high technologies and bring them to market. With HighPots we have an intensive partnership in product and software development since 2011. They were the first partner to develop and implement an application on our new web-based booking platform "Amadeus Selling Platform Connect". We highly appreciate the cooperation with HighPot's highly qualified team in the role of think tank, technology integrator and SW development service provider. See the full reference customer video (in German) here.

- Uta Martens, Managing Director Amadeus Germany

- Hendrik vor den Bäumen, Chief Product Officer (CPO) SAP

HighPots is an SAP implementation and development partner. HighPots develops high quality software very reliably and also quickly. Every audit and certification of the developed software performed by SAP was without any objections. HighPots services included requirements identification, technology selection, requirements implementation, and technology implementation. Beyond technology, we also work closely with HighPots in both innovation development and technology strategy. The company is a technology think tank with an eye for the big picture and a good feel for how the markets are developing.Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

- Hendrik vor den Bäumen, Chief Product Officer (CPO) SAP


Opinions of our customers

Rüdiger Off

Head of R&D

In terms of my university education, I am a natural scientist and engineer. But my job description is now more like that of a juggler.

I always make sure that all the balls - whether sales, software development, marketing or R&D - run in an orderly path; of course, I constantly adjust the paths to the dynamics of the market and the technological progress.

What applies to all employees of HighPots also applies to the management: we are given working time to develop our own ideas, services or prototypes, to try them out and to present them to customers.

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I also use my time to develop new research methods. As a physicist and engineer, I combine scientific methods with methods from epistemology, process philosophy and the sociology of knowledge. In my "old days" I even enrolled again at university to study sociology for this purpose.

HighPots was founded in the 1980s as a tutoring association to help students. The idea of helping is still firmly anchored in the HighPots DNA - regardless of whether it is still a matter of pupils/students, adults or organizations.

To me, there is no more beautiful sense than purposeful, peaceful and lively interactions and the realization of a common goal that everyone involved is burning for.

In this respect, every new working day is a (grounding) event for me. In the process, a great joy and curiosity develops, which I transfer to colleagues, customers and partners.

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Geschäftsführer des Softwareentwicklungsunternehmens HighPots in der Schweiz

Comments from our SW experts

Some of our employees have their say

According to two independent company valuations, HighPots GmbH has 167 employees in Switzerland, the EU and Georgia. HighPots Holding AG, the parent company, has 253 employees worldwide, including working students, freelancers and IT trainees. HighPots is a certified member of the Silicon Valley Association for Employee Exchange. This means that HighPots has assessment centre procedures comparable to those of tech companies in California, for example. This qualifies HighPots as a service provider for the members of the association.