Cloud Computing

Alternative to Windows/Office365 and Azure, AWS or Google cloud. Also for SW development companies with preconfigured DevOps cloud. Developed by the midmarket for the midmarket.

Cloud solution for midsize companies

Your SaaS cloud for digital transformation. Open. Resilient. Secure. Certified. Made in Germany.

Areas of tension Cloud

When using clouds from US companies

Constantly changing business, purchasing, privacy and data security regulations of cloud providers require constant legal monitoring and impact assessments. 

Permanent price increases, sometimes by more than 10%/anno, cause planning uncertainties. We offer our midmarket cloud at stable prices.

The IT infrastructure and DevOps knowledge of your employees remains valid worldwide. Because we rely on standards instead of proprietary environments.

They can talk to us personally about your needs and requirements - we focus on you. 

We connect your software individually with the applications in our cloud. Even if your application is not part of our portfolio. Or we move your applications to our cloud.

Profit through networking & open source AI

Security, data protection and hardly any licensing costs - transform and automate your applications.

Medium-sized companies move in the area of conflict between EU DSGVO, EU AI Act, EU Digital Act, license management, copyright and digital transformation. Our cloud solution allows you to focus on your core business and use your resources for your digital transformation.

Risks when using global cloud providers

For us as a medium-sized service provider for software development with only about 150 FTEs, the risks are too high for us to use cloud systems from global providers. Many other medium-sized companies also think similarly to us. To highlight some important risks and expenses:

Why open source cloud?

To avoid misunderstandings

...let's start by saying: Yes, we at HighPots are Amazon, Google, Microsoft partners and work for our customers on GCP, Azure or AWS platforms every day. Since March 2023, we are also a certified partner of Alibaba with its Aliyun cloud and also develop software on Tencent/Tengxun's Weiyun cloud. 

We work with the cloud systems of the big players on behalf of customers. But internally at HighPots we use our own cloud, mainly based on open source and software from Europe. 

With all systems listed on this website we also work HighPots-internally. Therefore, we have many years of experience in working with these systems. Both from a technical point of view and from a user perspective.

Furthermore, we are pushing the networking and integration of these systems among each other by developing more and more new interfaces.

Advantages of our SaaS Cloud

Advantages of our SaaS Cloud for medium-sized businesses

Open Source SaaS Cloud for SMEs

Focused Work. No flashy gamification-like animations to distract. Integration where it makes sense and is controllable. In the Office365 universe, things are becoming increasingly cluttered and colorful. Integrations and mergers of Teams, Skype, Outlook, Azure, SharePoint, OneDrive, and other Office applications, as well as with Windows itself, make it difficult to discern which information was transmitted on which channel. This is because not all information channels come from the same manufacturer. Information from, for example, a WebEx or Zoom chat will not be seamlessly integrated into the Microsoft universe in the future. Even the best search function won’t help much in finding the data.

Most corporations want to establish their own proprietary protocols. In the open-source realm, we work with globally recognized standards. Therefore, we can quickly integrate any open-source channel into the applications you desire. Chats can be automated and stored in Nextcloud or the CRM system. Or, using AI like ElevenLabs, they can be transformed into a podcast or audio file.

A community of tens of thousands of people works on open-source solutions every day. License-free for you. In our SaaS Cloud.